Malwarebyes and Norton: Compare the best antivirus software solutions

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Malwarebytes and Norton might be the products you are considering if you are looking for antivirus software. To make the right decision, compare their features.

Malwarebytes and Norton are two of the most prominent companies in the antivirus industry. You’ve probably come across their products when searching for antivirus software. This Malwarebytes and Norton feature comparison will help you choose the best antivirus solution for your needs.

What Is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes believes that everyone should have access to cyber-threat protection. It provides antivirus protection for both personal and business users. Its solutions are both robust and easy to use.

What Is Norton?

Norton is a cybersecurity brand that millions of people around the world trust with their personal data. Although the company recognises that online life has some dark sides, its team believes people should not be afraid of it. The company offers products that allow users to embrace digital life and protect their devices online.

Malwarebytes vs Norton: Overall Protection

Both of these products provide reliable protection against a wide range of online threats. These threats include ransomware that can prevent access to your files and specialised malware that may attempt to uninstall security software on your device.

Malwarebytes contains an internal component known as the Katana engine. With the help of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, it can detect threats that are not yet classified. Moreover, it can identify these new threats without human feedback.

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Independent testing also confirmed that Malwarebytes consumes up to 50% fewer system resources than other products when scanning for potential threats. Paid users of Malwarebytes have the option to schedule virus scans and receive real-time protection.

Norton’s antivirus protection employs an emulation method that causes threats to reveal themselves milliseconds after the system encounters them. It is similar to Malwarebytes because it uses machine learning to detect potential dangers even if they have not been exposed to the software before.

The Intrusion Prevention System assesses network information to identify potential threats and stops them from reaching the computer. On the other hand, a behavioural analysis feature can detect suspicious apps and prevent them from getting into the operational system.

Malwarebytes vs Norton: Customisation Capabilities

Both of these antivirus products allow you to customise how they work. It makes it easy to modify their parameters to get the desired results.

Malwarebytes can help you decide where and what the software should scan. These options are helpful if you want to receive more details than with a regular quick scan. It also allows you to create a whitelist that will enable specific processes to continue running during a scan.

Norton allows users to create customised tasks to ensure their computers run smoothly. There are many options, including data backups and disk cleanups.

On top of that, Malwarebytes and Norton are cloud-based products. Cloud computing has many benefits, including lower upfront costs and no need for dedicated hardware.

That said, Norton users can control when they receive antivirus updates via LiveUpdate. Small-business users can choose the number of devices protected for each employee.

Malwarebytes vs Norton: Mobile Device Offerings

Many internet users access the web not only from their desktop computers. They also stay connected via mobile devices.

Malwarebytes for Android devices can detect adware and other potentially unwanted programs that may slow down your smartphone’s performance. The app will scan for phishing URLs when you use Chrome on your smartphone.

Conversely, Apple users must be aware that iOS security restrictions prevent the app from scanning for malware. Instead, it protects users from scam calls and text messages and has ad-blocking functionality.

Norton’s protection extends to potentially hazardous networks, apps, and operating system vulnerabilities. A Device Report Card feature provides a breakdown of the potential risks for the past 30 days. It informs users about the potential dangers of Google Play apps so that they can make better-informed decisions.

The Norton app for iOS is similar, but it also has Secure Calendar functionality. It screens for invites that may contain harmful links, which is an excellent feature.

Malwarebytes or Norton? Which One Is Best for You?

According to many people who have used them, antivirus programs offered by Malwarebytes and Norton are both easy to use and configure. Nonetheless, some testers have found that Norton products may cause slower performance on lower-end computers when used with the security suite.

Both products are affordable, as users often find their pricing very reasonable. However, many customers who have used Malwarebytes products reported having problems renewing their subscriptions. People sometimes needed help cancelling plans to avoid being charged again. Other times, customers had difficulty confirming details about when they would be billed for a subscription.

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Malwarebytes offers a more transparent pricing structure than Norton, which is great for anyone concerned about pricing. Norton users who want the product for personal use will pay a flat fee per year or per month. The amount depends on whether the person needs protection for one or more devices.

Norton offers five personal antivirus products. Among these, you can find a small-business product and a solution for gamers. Yet, only one of these products allows for monthly billing. You can find flat fees on the website. However, they only apply for the first year. This factor makes it difficult to budget for a longer term. Plus, you must pay separately for mobile device protection.

Malwarebytes or Norton? Make a Well-Informed Decision

Now you’re better suited to weigh the alternatives and consider how these options could benefit your business or help strengthen your cybersecurity at home to prevent cyber-attacks. To get a better understanding of how these products work, you might download the trial versions.