How To Start a Lash Business

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Are you passionate about eyelash extensions and false eyelashes? Do you have a passion for the beauty industry but need help figuring out where to start? As a small business owner, you can make a living as a lash extensions entrepreneur. You just need to love lashes and be interested in marketing your lash business.

What Is an Eyelash Business?

There are many niches in the beauty industry, but the eyelash market is a very lucrative one. Grand View Research, Inc. estimates that the global false eyelash market will reach $1.6 billion by 2025. That’s a lot of potential clients.

In an eyelash business, a trained technician applies eyelash extensions to clients. But that is not enough to be successful. Every eyelash business must also have excellent marketing, customer service, and other operations.

What Is the Cost of Starting Your Own Lash Business?

To start your own lash business, you will need capital. With these funds, you will be able to buy the necessary equipment and supplies, among other things. At the same time, establishing a salon and hiring lash artists will also be crucial. The whole affair could cost you between $30,000 to $60,000 just to get the ball rolling.

How To Start an Eyelash Business: 20 Crucial Steps

Are you ready to open your own eyelash extensions business? These 20 key steps will help you 

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get off on the right foot:

1. Receive the Training and Qualifications You Need

If you are not planning on hiring a lash artist, you need to earn the qualifications yourself. It means you must receive the training necessary to become an eyelash technician. Licensing allows you to showcase your professionalism to clients and ensures that your business is legally compliant.

Every state and country has different requirements. Check local laws to determine what you need to do to operate a lash business legally. For instance, you might need to complete several courses, pass a test, or pay fees to obtain a license as an esthetician in your region.

2. Name Your Business and Create a Brand

What should you name your lash business? Each company requires a unique business name to make it stand out from the rest. To protect your brand name from being stolen by others, register it.

Still, your business name is just one part of your overall lash branding. Creating a logo could help you represent your brand visually. Its design should portray your products, values, and vision.

3. Know Your Target Market

Who are your target customers? Remember — you cannot effectively reach all people. Your market will only include a part of a larger audience, as with all businesses.

Which type of customer is most likely to seek your services? When marketing your business, consider the demographics and other characteristics of this target audience.

4. Compare Eyelash Extensions Providers

What will be your competition in the lash industry? What other local businesses offer eyelash extensions or other lash services?

Look at your competitors and pay attention to the services they provide and how they market their businesses. What worked for them? And what can you do to improve your own lash business’s performance?

5. Create a Business Plan

Before you can get funding for your eyelash company, preparing a business plan is essential. Even if your goal is to start your own business without the help of a bank or investor, a business plan can help you define your company mission, identify your target customers, and develop effective strategies.

A business plan for your firm should give a brief overview of the business. It includes a description of the company and services it will offer, financial projections, and a description of your target market.

6. Select a Business Entity

How do you structure your lash extensions business? Do you solely own your business, or are you partnering with other owners? Who is legally responsible for the brand? Who will be liable to pay the profits and the debts?

You can choose from several business entities when establishing the structure for your eyelash company. These include sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company. Most lash companies select one of these options, either a sole proprietorship, LLC, or partnership, depending on who is personally responsible.

7. Open a Bank Account For Your Eyelash Extension Business

Before your lashes business begins sending or receiving money, make sure you open a bank account. The business bank account adds professionalism to your small business. It separates your personal and company finances, helping you protect your firm and ensure it is legally compliant.

A business credit card account is another option. It can help you finance your business during slow periods or purchase inventory until it turns a profit.

8. Find Out About Licensing, Permits, and Fees

What licenses and permits are required to run your eyelash business? Because requirements vary from region to region, there is no easy answer. You should research whether you need a business license or aesthetic or healthcare license in your area. Be prepared to pay any fees.

9. Establish a Budget

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What is your budget to start your lash company? There are many startup costs associated with starting a small business. The eyelash extension industry is no different. You need to consider everything you need to open your new business. It includes costs for staff, equipment, supplies, and location. You’ll need to assess your financial resources to save money as a small business owner.

10. Select a Location

What are your plans for where you will conduct business? Do you intend to rent space for a salon, or do you own an area to host your own eyelash brand? There are many available options.

Are you more fond of working from your home studio or choosing a high-end location on the high street? You can even offer mobile eyelash services in many areas using a van from your company or another commercial vehicle.

11. Get Business Insurance

Every business comes with risks. What happens if a natural disaster destroys your inventory? What happens if a customer or employee is hurt? What happens if hackers infiltrate your online business?

To ensure the success of your lash business, you will need to invest a lot of time and money into various security measures. For starters, consider getting business insurance. If you sell or market services online, consider insurance policies, including property, liability, and cyber insurance.

12. Get the Essential Equipment

What tools do you need to run your eyelash business? You will most likely need basic office equipment such as a desk, chair, and computer. But is there anything else you require? For example, you could pay extra for the fitting decor to create a relaxed atmosphere.

A small business owner who wants to start an eyelash extension business will have to invest in the following equipment:

  • Lighting — To ensure that you and your estheticians can clearly see each lash, you will need bright, portable lighting.
  • Reclining chair or lash bed — Your customers can relax in a recliner or on a lash bed while you do their lashes.
  • Linens and sanitary covers — Keep customers clean and comfortable with sanitary covers.
  • Comfortable chair — You and your lash artist will spend hours in this chair as you apply eyelash extensions. You should feel comfortable while doing it.
  • Shelves and storage — Keep your salon organised with lots of shelves and other storage containers.
  • Lash cart — You can use this to carry all your extensions and other equipment.
  • Sterilisation area and sink — Ensure your salon is clean and tidy by installing a sink in the sterilisation area.

13. Set Your Prices and Create a Menu

How many services can your lash business provide for customers, and how much will each of them cost? Consider the pricing structure of other businesses in your local area when determining your pricing. You may want to match competitors’ pricing or launch with promotional pricing to charge less than other local businesses.

You also can create a list of pricing and services that customers can refer to when they purchase lash services from your company.

14. Create a Professional Website and Email ID

In this day and age, an online presence is essential for any business to succeed. Even if your company won’t use e-commerce much, a well-designed website and original email address can help you maintain a professional image and provide a source of marketing for attracting potential customers looking for lash services.

Your website domain and small business brand should complete each other. You don’t need to be a web designer. For instance, many business owners hire a professional to design their websites — you can do the same.

15. Select a Booking System

How do you plan to book lash extensions for customers? The days of small business owners being able to rely on a calendar, pen, and paper to keep track of their customers’ appointments are gone. To ensure professional scheduling, the lash business owner today needs a booking system.

Nowadays, the market is full of booking software with features accommodating all sorts of businesses. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose from the best online booking software, such as Boulevard and Fresha.

16. Invest in Point-of-Sale Software

How will your lash company process payments? Point-of-sale software can help you track sales and ensure that your business is able to accept payments from multiple sources.

A variety of point-of-sale software options are available for business owners. Each one has its own features and tools, much like booking system software. Shopify POS and Quickbooks Point of Sale are some of the top point-of-sale software options available to small business owners.

17. Market Your Business and Build a Customer Base

The beauty industry is a competitive market, and customers won’t start to form a line just because you opened a brand-new lash salon in their neighbourhood. You must market your eyelash extensions business to build a stable customer base.

Fortunately, small business owners no longer need to spend time and money on traditional advertising to market their products or services. Engaging with potential clients on social media platforms is a great way to reach them. You can create social media profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your lash company.

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Sharing compelling content is an excellent way to reach a broad audience of potential clients. TikTokers and YouTubers sharing videos of themselves applying eyelash extensions to customers have seen a lot of success. To increase interest in your brand, you can even feature your own lashes in your videos.

18. Start Your Business

You have the necessary skills and certifications. You’ve bought equipment and supplies. You also have built a client base. It’s now time to start your lash business! Organisation and planning are essential to launching your eyelash brand.

19. Expand Your Services

You’ve launched your small business successfully. Now you want to look at future growth. How can you grow your business and increase your earnings? You can multiply your profits by offering high-quality services.

Entrepreneurs who have launched a successful lash business can expand their services in many ways. You might create a webinar or sell tutorials on eyelashes online. Perhaps you’ll help develop custom eyelash extensions or start your own lash label. You could even become an eyelash wholesaler. The possibilities are endless if you have a creative mind!

20. Be a Successful Business Owner

You are now on your way to becoming the small business owner you always wanted! Your lash artist journey is only the beginning. To continue growing your business, you will need to stay on the lookout for new opportunities and look after your company’s needs.

Is a Lash Business Profitable?

Are lash businesses profitable? Giovanni Eyelash Factory reports that U.S. customers use over 40 million false eyelashes per month. This incredible number is only increasing. It is no surprise that more entrepreneurs are succeeding in the eyelash industry. Opening an eyelash salon can be an outstanding business opportunity. The 20 steps mentioned above will help you get started and achieve success.